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Unwanted active field changes (moved)

Question asked by Radcon on Jan 27, 2010
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Unwanted active field changes (moved)


Hello again,

Thanks for all the help you folks provide.

I am having trouble with the following script steps:


Go to Field[sometable::item] (select/perform enabled)

Set Variable[$$Layout; Value:Get ( ActiveFieldContents)


As I watch the script debugger and data viewer, the desired field is navigated to, but then the active field changes to another field before the $$Layout variable is set.  I have turned off all tab orders for the layouts, deselected the 'tab, return, enter' in the field behavior dialog.  The script is lauched by an OnObjectModify script trigger and the field displays as a pop up menu but the same behavior occurs when launched from the scripts menu.


How do i make sure the active field stays as [sometable::item] until tell FMP that I want it somewhere else?