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Unwanted Automatic Login

Question asked by vfoecke on Sep 20, 2010
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Unwanted Automatic Login


I have FileMaker Server on a Mac.
I have FileMaker Pro on 3 Mac clients and 3 PC clients.

My database security (as defined in Manage > Security) requires that a user (with an account) log in when the remote file is opened.
This works as expected on all 3 PCs and 2 of the Macs.

On the remaining Mac, one particular user is automatically logged in when I open the file.
I have checked to be sure that in FileMaker > Preferences > General > User Name, I have selected "Other" and left the field blank. This should ensure that I get a login dialog box at startup, but I don't.

(Similarly, in File > File Options > Open/Close, the "Log in using" box is NOT checked.)

This Mac is definitely opening the same file on the server as all of the other Macs and PC.

All passwords are defined in the FileMaker file (no server security is involved).

Is there a file hidden somewhere that is remembering some old preferences?

One last symptom....

If I log into the Mac as a different Mac account holder, then open the remote FileMaker file in exactly the same way, the behavior described above DOES NOT happen.