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Unwanted background fill on layouts AFTER all parts

Question asked by tobiev on Oct 29, 2012
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Unwanted background fill on layouts AFTER all parts


     I am writing a Restaurant POS System, it uses a thermal slip printer. The slip printer can "sense" end of data and cut the slip. My layout contains no header as the header bit is uploaded and printed by the printer automatically. It starts with a summary part of the items on the bill, It then has a summary part to show the amount due. There is no footer.

     When the two parts have NONE for fill, it fills it with a light grey, when it has White Solid as a fill, it is indeed white. 

     After the last summary part ... the rest of the page is filled with light grey. This is on PDF or on printer. Surely there should be NOTHING after the last part. This causes the printer to NOT sense the end of the slip and cut and advances to the full A4 length and prints the grey background before cutting.

     It is as if, when going to Preview, Print or PDF, Filemaker Pro Advanced 12's NONE FILL (ALL STYLE REMOVED) is in fact light grey and NOT nothing.

     Sample PDF attached.

     Can someone please help ??