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Unwanted duplicates of parent records

Question asked by EmelieLeht on May 13, 2014
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Unwanted duplicates of parent records



Problem:Creation of child-record through a portal in the grandparent layout creates an extra, related, parent-record in the parent-portal on the same layout. How can I avoid this?

     I have stock/order/purchase data base system to keep track of ordered and produced articles. These articles have all got a varying number of related documents.

     I am at the moment trying to build a layout for a purchase order (grandparent) where you first state the articles you want to purchase through a portal. This creates the purchase-item-record (parent) with information gahtered from a related articles-table.

     Finally I want to be able to choose which of each articles' related document I want to include in the ourchase order. This is done through a second portal, also on the grandparent layout, where a purchase-doc-record (child) is created. The information on related documents are garehterd from another table containing this information.

     Adding records to the article-portal (parent) haven't been a  poblem bus as soon as I add a record of a related document (child) this creates an extra related parent record. And this happens even though I have not allowed creation of records child -> parent. This phenomena pnly occurrs when I work through the portals on the grandparent layout. If I create a record directly in the purchase-doc table this doesn't create an extra parent record, so I figure there is something spooky with the portals here that I can't fugure out.

     Any help is mostly welcome!

     Best, Emelie