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Unwanted font/style in table view

Question asked by sksmith2517 on Aug 31, 2010
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Unwanted font/style in table view


I have a form view of Contact Management that works very well.  When it is changed to Table View one of the fields, Name_Full is displayed with a different font/style than all the other fields.  The text is white - so it 'appears' invisible until it is selected.  That field is not on the form view.  How can I locate the field and its style so it can be changed?

I have gone thru all the layouts where that field is shown and I cannot find it in the style it is being displayed on that table view.

If I add it to the form view it then displays in the table view with the appropriate attributes as it appears in the form view. But I don't want it on the form view - real estate is too precious. When I remove it, the white font with big size returns.

Any help is certainly appreciated.