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Unwanted Scripts?

Question asked by FarfelKnabe on Oct 17, 2012
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Unwanted Scripts?


     Hi all,

     When I began building the database I didn't think of sorting all the scripts in easy-to-find folders or using easy understandable names, so I in the script name could see where the script was being used and what the script was doing - I have began doing so now.

     So now I have a bunch of scripts in my database that I don't now if I have any use for anymore. I know I can delete them manually one by one, but that would be really time consuming! Is there a way to detect if a script is in use (e.g. added to a button or field or being used by another script)? Or is there a way to add a counter to a script (e.g. all scripts) so that I can see the usage and there detect any unused scripts?