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    UPC database connection



      UPC database connection


      Does anyone know of a way to connect to UPC databases? I have seen simple programs that you just scan and it fills in all of the fields. There must be a way to do it in FM. I have about 10K books and this would save a lot of time if I could scan the barcode and populate the fields. Perhaps someone sells a plugin or ?  Thanks. 

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          A UPC or other barcodes for the matter will bring in text with a reader. Therefore, when a scan is done it could fill in the data into a field and depending on the setup or the way that it is scripted, it could do a find for that UPC number.


          This shouldnt be too hard to setup if oyu have the data.  If you DONT have the data, you could use perhaps a web service to grab the data from someone else.

          Beexwax has a web services plugin that makes it easy to interface with.  http://www.beezwax.net/solutions/wsp


          Another option would be to use some kind of web scraping through the web viewer.