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Updaing Existing Records via SQL

Question asked by RGoyette on Aug 27, 2010


Updaing Existing Records via SQL


Using FileMaker Pro v 11 on a Windows 7 system and talking to an Oracle server I have previously imported via ODBC a set of records.  Now a few months later I wand to update the set of records I have and import anything new that has been added to the oracle server in the meantime.  I do not want to modify the records that I have already got, or import duplicates.  All combinations I have tried of Update existing records or Update matching records imports duplicates.  The records have a proposal number that can be used as an identifier, so I could say

WHERE EXPT_SMPL.PRPSL_ID is not in the set of records I already have if I knew the proper syntax

Can anyone help?