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Update a checkbox using a script

Question asked by kluetkenhoelter on Aug 19, 2012
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Update a checkbox using a script


I am a very new user to FMP, so forgive me is this has an obvious answer.  I am trying to update a checkbox field using a script.  The script is asking the user if they want to view open jobs.  Using a Custom dialog, I am giving them the option to choose, yes, no or cancel.

If they choose Yes, I would like to update a Find for the field and be able to then search for all jobs that are open.  But I do not know how to update the checkbox field

Below is 1) my script, 2) the Custom Dialog settings

Any help would be greatly appreaciated.  Thanks in advance



Go to Layout [“Projections” (Projections)]

Enter Find Mode [Pause]

Go to Field [Projections::Status]

Show Custom Dialog [“Open Jobs?”; “Do you want Open Jobs?”; Projections::Status]

Set Field [Projections::Status]

Preform Find[]



Default Button = Yes, Commit Data is checked

Button 2 = No, Commit Data is checked

Button 2 = Cancel, Commit Data is not checked


Input Fields

Show Input field #1 – Specify “Projections::Status”

Label:  If (Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 1 ;

Projections::Status = "open";

Projections::Status  ≠  "open")