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update button replaces all record portal fields not just active record

Question asked by CStovin on May 9, 2013
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update button replaces all record portal fields not just active record


     For a reason I do not understand when I click "Yes" to returning all equipment which is a field  ( ORDER::all_returned ) it places the current date in the Lines Portal field - Lines::return_date    -  all of the empty ones as a date can also be manually entered on a row by row basis....   But the all returned field is so I can enter the current date into many fields at once.

     It appears to work fine, but when I examine other  Work Orders with their own unique kp_order_id  their Lines::return_date field(s) ( in the portal )  have also been updated if they were empty to begin with.

     How can I fix my script  "all return"  so it only affects the Current Record -  Lines Work Order Portal fields ( return _date ) ?


Here is my all returned script :

     Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "All Equipment Items Returned"; Message: "Do you wish to return remaining items today ? This will overwrite all existing Item Status Data. "; Buttons: “No”, “Yes” ]

     If [ Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 2 ]

     Set Field [ ORDER::all_returned; "Yes" ]

     Set Field [ ORDER::all_returned_date; Get ( CurrentDate ) ]

     Go to Related Record [ From table: “ORDER”; Using layout: <Current Layout> ]

     Replace Field Contents [ LINES::return_date; Replace with calculation: If ( IsEmpty ( LINES::return_date ); Get ( CurrentDate );LINES::return_date ) ] [ No dialog ]

     Perform Script [ “update available stock test” ]

     Else If [ Get ( LastMessageChoice )=1 ]

     Replace Field Contents [ ORDER::all_returned; Replace with calculation: "No" ] [ No dialog ]

     Replace Field Contents [ ORDER::all_returned_date; Replace with calculation: "" ] [ No dialog ]

     End If


Here is my update available stock test:

     Freeze Window

     Go to Layout [ “Inventory Details” (INVENTORY) ]

     Replace Field Contents [ INVENTORY::sum_product_portal_total; Replace with calculation: Sum ( LINES::items_out ) ] [ No dialog ]

     Replace Field Contents [ INVENTORY::available; Replace with calculation: INVENTORY::amount_in_stock - INVENTORY::sum_product_portal_total ] [ No dialog ]

     Go to Layout [ “Work Order” (ORDER) ]