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Update calculation fields in non-selected layout

Question asked by BenOtto on May 8, 2014
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Update calculation fields in non-selected layout



     Suppose I have to tables, Table 1 and Table 2. Table 1 includes some information that I can enter manually, lets say field 1 and field 2. Table 2 has a field with automatic calculation, lets say with value "Table1::field1 + Table1::field2".

     When I am in the Layout of Table 1 and enter the values of field 1 and field 2 I would like filemaker to automatically calculate the new result in table 2 in the same instance.

     However what happens is, that the value isn't calculated until I switch to the layout of table 2, alias "touch" the table. It doesn't make a difference whether I set the field in table 2 to unstored or stored.

     How can I get filemaker to always update the field without leaving the layout of Table 1?