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    Update Container Field Links



      Update Container Field Links


      Hi all,

      My question is about moving files that are linked in a container field.

      Our company has recently purchase a new server that will be file storage among other things.

      I have moved all of the linked.pdf files to this new server, the link in the container field still points to the old server.

      Is there a way to update the container link to the new server?



      Filemaker Server 5.5

      Filemaker Pro 6.0

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          This works with newer versions of filemaker and I think it will work with your older version...

          You can pretend such container fields are text fields and use Replace field contents with the calculation option to update the filepath in the container to point to the new server.

          Put the name of the container field by itself as the expression for a calculation field that returns text and check it to see what text is present in your container field. The text you see should give you a clue as to how to modify that path to point to the files on the new server.

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            I seem to not be getting any results. I just get an empty field. Am I missing something or doing something incorrectly?

            My Calculation is:

            Left ( picture field , 100 )

            PS. I am a complete newbie with filemaker.




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              I would just use Picture Field (use just the name of the container field and nothing else), select text instead of the default number as its return type, then size the field on the layout to be several lines tall and give it a scroll bar.

              I don't have filemaker 6 to test this on so you may get different results from that of a newer version.

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                There must be quite a bit of difference between 6 an the newer versions.

                I can only replace with "this container data" or with "calculated results".

                When I try the calculated results, I put "picture field" where you can specify the formula. When I complete the replace, nothing seems to happen.  The icon of the bad link still exists in the picture field. (I also cannot add a vertical scroll bar, filemaker doesnt allow it in a container field) 

                Is there any one else out there who has ever had this type of dilema?

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                  We are and different pages here. When you said "I just keep getting an empty field, My Calculation is: Left ( picture field , 100 )"

                  I assumed your were attempting to implement step 1: Get a view of the data stored in the container field in order to determine what text manipulation can be used to update the existing container field in order to update it. Step 2 involves using replace field contents, but you can't implement that step until you figure out what text expression to use to update the reference in the container field so that it retains the correct filename but now has the path to the new file location.

                  Were you able to the following steps and what were your results?

                  1. Define a calculation field that returns text.
                  2. Place the name of the container field as the sole item in its calculatin expression and select text as the return type.
                  3. Place this field next to your container field on a layout and size it to be several lines of text high and check what appears in it. In newer versions of filemaker, you should see several lines of text, one of which is the filepath to the referenced image.
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                    I have done what you describe.  The new calc. field that I created to contain the path still comes up blank.

                    I cant imagine that it matters that it contains a .pdf and not a standard image format.

                    There is a dialog box that shows up when you ask to edit linked document. there you can view the link path, but there doesnt seem to be a way to redirect all links, only drill down each link one at a time.

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                      In that case, I may be describing a technique that only works with newer versions of filemaker. I just tested with filemaker 5.5--the closest version to what you have that I can test--and got the same results.

                      At this point I don't know what to suggest other than that you need to give serious consideration to upgrading as filemaker 6's days are numbered. The day will come when you won't be able to get a new computer that will run this version and that may not be all that far off in the future.

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                        That is on the list of "need to accomplish" I have the newer versions of server and pro, just have not been comfortable with converting and deploying as of yet. It may be that I just have to bite the bullet and convert the 30+ .fp5 that make up our system.

                        Something tells me that if I start that, I will become a frequent user of this forum.....



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                          Following script resolved my issue:

                          Update FilePath
                          Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ]
                          Set Variable [ $old; Value:GetAsText ( Table::Document container ) ]
                          Set Variable [ $new; Value:Substitute ( $old ; "/old folder/" ;"/new folder/" ) ]
                          Insert File [ Table::Document container; “$new” ][ Reference ]
                          Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next; Exit after last ]
                          End Loop