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Update container via related table

Question asked by AllanAlbrecht on Apr 28, 2012
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Update container via related table


This is my first post and I stand up proud as a newbie to FM. My past experience has been Dbase, FoxPro, and others.

1. Two tables: Job table which includes a status field (text) and others. Status lookup table includes status (text) and container (graphic). The graphic is simply a colored square (a visual indicator for form layout).

2. The two tables are related via the status field.


The user is editing the Job details in a form. He selects the desired status via a dropdown list. When that status value is changed, an indicator next to the Job title on the form changes to give the user a quick visual clue as to the jobs status (green, orange, red).


I set up the form to display the jobs table and the dropdown for the status field, that works (straight forward).

But how do I have it update the indicator (immedaitely...prior to forced save)?

I thought I would have to bring the container field from the lookup table onto the form, but can't find how to do that.

I really don't want to create another field in the job for a container as that would be redundant data on the record.

I also thought I could do a calculated container field on the job table , but can't figure out how to get it to update automatically when the user changes the status value.


Any help would be appriecated!