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Update Error - fmpa_updater_13.0.4.418

Question asked by Scott V on Jan 13, 2015
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Update Error - fmpa_updater_13.0.4.418


Trying to update via fmpa_updater_13.0.4.418 and I get this error:

"The installation product does not match the installation sources(s). Until a matching source is provided or the installed product and source are synchronized, this action can not be performed"

Error 2 pops up after a Cancel:

Error 1714. The older verson of Filemaker Pro 13 Advanced cannot be removed. Contact your techncial support group.

Edit: I tried to uninstall - I now see two FMP Adv installations. one that dated today and dated last April. Uninstall on either fails - screen flashes a window then nothing.