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Update Field Value after Emailing from FMP Advanced or FMP Go

Question asked by MichaelHolden on Oct 24, 2013
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Update Field Value after Emailing from FMP Advanced or FMP Go


     Hi All

     I have created a Sales Invoice database. The final step in the invoicing process is to email the Customer their Invoice, and this all works successfully.

     I'm written a Script that updates the value of a particular field after the Invoice is emailed. Each Invoice starts with a Status of "Not Invoiced'. 

     After "emailing", my Script currently updates the Status to "Invoiced". However, the Script does this regardless of whether the Invoice does actually get emailed or not.

     For example, when I run the Email Invoice Script, a PDF report is generated, and opens either Mail [on the iPad], or Outlook [on the PC] and the PDF is attached to the email. It's at this point my Script updates the Invoice as being Invoiced, even if I don't actually hit 'Send' on the email [i.e. I cancel the email].

     Is there a way to only have the Status update the Invoice when I actually hit the Send button? Or is it [as I think], a case that since the email is a third-party program, there is no way of notifying FMP that the Invoice has been sent?

     Thanking you in advance.