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Update file script problem

Question asked by RussCaauwe on Aug 25, 2012
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Update file script problem


I have a script I use to update my Members database from our online web site.  It goes like this:


Go to Layout [(Memberinfo Table" (Memberinfo Table)]

Import Records  (blah blah blah)

Replace Field Contents  (blah blah blah)

Show All Records

Sort Records (Restore: No Dialog)

View As [View as Table]

Enter Browse Mode [Pause]

Perform Script ["Initialize MMOPA members"]


Here is the problem: When I get to the step "Enter Browse Mode", I can't go to the unmatched records that appear at the top of the list and delete them.  Quite by accident, I found that if I press the little "Preview" button at the top, and then when it changes to "Preview Exit", press it again,  I can then delete the records.  No editing is possible on any record until I do this.

Is there any way for me to make the records editable without pushing this little button twice?

I tried putting steps in the script to Enter Preview Mode, then Enter Browse mode, but that didn't work.