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    Update many records from one dropdown



      Update many records from one dropdown



      This should be quite simple I think but I've managed to get tangled.  I have a list of 90 records and on each one I want to update a field called Status, which is based on a dropdown list I've created.  The status will be either Primary or Secondary.

      The list of 90 records comes from an import.

      In order to get where I am (and this is where I accept there may be a better way), I've set up a global field, added this to the layout and used the dropdown list against this.  The user can now click this and because Data::Status = GF_Status within the data table, the status magically populates through all 90 records.

      However, due to the nature of global variables, the value still exists for the next (different) import of data, which is incorrect.

      Is there a better way of doing what I'm trying here, ie, user clicks one button, 90 rows of data all get updated?

      Or, is there a way of forcing the global variable to reset to nothing after each use?


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          Replace Field Contents can copy the value from the global field to the original non global field. One use of Replace Field Contents will update every record in your found set. This can be done as a manual menu choice or in a script run from a script trigger on the field. In such a script, the global field can be cleared after the replace has updated the non global field.

          Other solutions might set up a related table where different groups of records in your original table link to the same record in the related table and then you would assign this value to a field in the related table to show this value for all the records linked to it. This enables you to assign different values to different groups of records without using a script or replace field contents.