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Update matching records

Question asked by ChoiceWorksInc on Nov 18, 2009
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Update matching records




I am a new user to Filemaker Pro. I have Version 10 and am using Windows XP, Service Pack 3. 


I am trying to start up our database and I must say that Filemaker has been pretty user-firendly so far to someone who isn't very technology-oriented, like myself.  


My question is: How can I import records to my existing database and have Filemaker Pro eliminate the duplicates? 


Sounds simple enough, but I've run into a road block. 

- So I have my current database

- I clicked on "Import Records (File...)" from the File menu up above

- I chose the Excel spreadhseet of additional records that I would like to add 

- The next prompt was "Specify Excel Data" and I chose "Display Worksheets" as opposed to "Display named ranges," and hit "Continue..." Not sure why I did this, but it seemed like a better option.

-  The next prompt was "Import Field Mapping." I clicked on "Import matching records in found set" and hit "Import..." 

- This is where it tells me "At least one pair of matching fields must be specified for the 'Update Matching Records' Option" 

- I don't know HOW to specify one pair of the matching fields. 


Can anyone help with this?


Thanks so much.