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Update Matching Records imports duplicates

Question asked by IanLenehan on Feb 12, 2013
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Update Matching Records imports duplicates


     Hello - I have a script step in FMP 12 that imports data from an Excel spreadsheet. It is set to Update Matching Records and add remaining data as new records. However every time I run this script, it imports everything again.

     I have used 6 fields here to ensure that everything is matched correctly (there is not one unique ID for each line, however there are many fields in this data of which only a couple will be updated between imports).

     I did some web searching and found that I should make sure I am showing all records before I import, which is added to the script. This hasn't helped. I have also run the script with the dialog to see if any settings are being changed and nothing in the dialog box appears to change.

     I have attached a screenshot of my script step (it is importing data from two sheets, both of which duplicates with each import) and the field mapping options.

     Is anyone able to please identify what I might be doing wrong? Thanks in advance!