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    update of legacy product



      update of legacy product


      Hi, we are a small non profit that was given filemaker pro 5.5, and then seperately a copy of filemaker pro 7 upgrade, by one of our donors so we could set up a database of our donors and volunteers.  all of these software products are for windows. Installation of 5.5 went well and we've set up the database with it.  the upgrade won't work because it looks for an existing version on the PC, above version 6.  we would very much like to move closer to the current version and get the spiffy new  services version 7 offers.  any suggestions on a work around?

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          Hi plbmso,


          Although an upgrade application will look for a previous version or 'qualifying product' during the installation process, it will bring you to a window where you can enter a license key for the 'qualifying product.'  


          That is, when you install FileMaker Pro 7 Upgrade, you will be prompted to enter the FileMaker Pro 7 license key. Next, the installation will look for a previous version.  If it can not find a previous version or 'qualifying product,' the installation will tell you that it could not find a qualifying product and you should enter a qualifying product's license key.


          Try using the FileMaker Pro 5.5 key here.  It is not required to have a previous version installed on the same machine in order to install the upgrade application.


          I also wanted to give you a heads up that, while you are upgrading, FileMaker Pro 7 is no longer a supported product.  Hopefully, FileMaker Pro 7 will meet all of your solution's needs.  If you are interested, you can try a free 30 day trial of FileMaker Pro 9 here:





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