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    Update Password From Script



      Update Password From Script




      I am trying to update passwords for users with a limited admin previlege.  I have it set so the person can add users and passcodes but once the user and passcodes are created how do I update the password if needed.


      I need to be able to keep track of the passwords but also make the changes to the password when out in the field.  So if a user needs to change their password they can but it also added to the username/password field I created.



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          Sorry just found it

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            You can set up a layout with global fields for making hanges to account name, password and/or privilege set. Script built from steps taken from the "account" section of the list of steps down the left hand side of the script editor can then make the specified changes. You can design this with just the capabilities that you need and this script can include updating a users table with account name and other data, though I wouldn't store passwords in such a field unless absolutely necessary. (And I can't think of a reason why you really need to store the passwords...)

            You'd set such a script to "run with full access privileges" to enable users who do not have a "full access" privilege set to run them.