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    Update statement in VB.NET help!



      Update statement in VB.NET help!


      I'm trying to do a simple update statement.






      I call several values using a select statement and want to allow the user to update three others. I keep getting a Parse error as if my statement is incorrect, however; I've checked spelling, commas, etc a dozen times over and still no luck.. please help confirm I'm not over looking some code error I just can't seem to find. 








      Dim conn As New OdbcConnection


      conn.ConnectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("connWeb").ConnectionString






      Dim comm As OdbcCommand




      comm = (New OdbcCommand("UPDATE Calltickets_Web SET (Status = '" & StatusDDL.Text & "', Time_To_Finish = '" & TimeDDL.Text & "', Solution = '" & SolutionTxt.Text & "' WHERE Ticket_Number = '" & TicketNumber & "')", conn))