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Question asked by Kaorin on Jul 21, 2012
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Updated data & information unrecorded on FM12 saved on network


I updated some information in text & number fields in the evening at work, and in the morning retun to work "some" of the things (I can't guarantee "everything") that I updated hadn't been recorded / replaced with new information. Luckly I had printed out before I looged out in the evning, but now I am having to check which ones have been / haven't been replaced with new info.

FYI, all files are set up to save as I type in the information.

I set up these files so there are date fields of updated date and text fields that records the last modified users. When I checked, it didn't show my name nor the date I actually updated - why????

Just to explain the circumstance of where my files are saved: My IT tema is yet to install FM Server on our system, so currently these FM12 files are being saved on our (window based?) shared network, so anyone on the netwrok can access them regardless of the system use (I use Mac, other use PC).

I also have copied filemaker 12 files (same set up but for different issue) on my Mac desktop, but these are consistent and I never experienced loosing or information being un-updated.

Can someone suggest what might have cuase the problem? It's quite scary as I and the team relying on the information on files.

Could it be netwrok "updated" my IT team is running may affect something?