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Updating a Filemaker Database

Question asked by StephenBronstein on Nov 30, 2014
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Updating a Filemaker Database



I have an application that has been in use for several years. I added a a new area, with new tables, scripts, etc but did not change any part of the old database, data, tables, users, scripts, etc.

So I have an "old" version of the database and a "New" version of the database. now want to combine, migrate, copy, etc either the data in the "Old" version or the new stuff in the "New" version (no data) so that I am back down to one complete upgraded version. 

In looking for a easy solution I can only find the import solutions or export solutions which all look complicated and  Not Easy. I have more than 100 tables in the "old" database and only one important table in the new version but lots of empty tables, relationships and scripts in the "new" version.

Is there an easy way to do this? Boy there should be - cause I would think that everybody who has to maintain a client's database and upgrade it at times with new functionality would have to do this at various times.


Thanks a bunch