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Updating A Global Field

Question asked by TSADesign on May 20, 2010
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Updating A Global Field


I'm sure this is a pretty basic question, but it's got me buffaloed ;)


I have a Summary Field that  will update on a weekly basis in Table A. I want to update a field in another table (Table B), but I don't want it to update automatically. I want to be able to trigger the update.


The issue i'm having is that in order to update the field in the Table B, I have to use a Global Field in Table A. Since my field in Table A is a Summary Field I cannot store is as a Global Field, so I created a "Copy" field that indicates its content is to come from the Summary Field (Field Copy = Field). The Copy field is then set up as a Global field.


The issue I'm having is that when I import new data into the report the original Summary Field updates properly, but the Global Field remains blank unless I manually go and change it from a Global Field to a Unsorted field, then manually change it back. Once I do this step the correct data is updated in the Global Field and I can push the data into Table B. There are 10 different fields that have a similar setup, so going into each manually is too time consuming.


I cannot use a Portal because I need to produce a new record inTable B so I can then report back on trends of data being reflected in Table A.


I'm guessing this is a fairly simple request (at least I'm hoping it is), but I appreciate your time in responding.


Thank you,