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Updating A Live System

Question asked by on May 8, 2014
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Updating A Live System


     I have a system that is now live with the client.

     Filemaker Pro V11 at present though it will be updated soon.

     Two fp7 files - Interface (containing layouts and scripts)  and Data (containing Data)

     Updates to the Interface are no problem. If I update Table Definitions however I then need to supply a Clone Data file - with the new Table definitions - and Import data from the live Data File into the bnew structure.

     I would like to automate this. There are 20-30 tables in the whole system so doing it manually is a pain. I added a script to the Data File so I could open the Clone and run the script (comnprising a series of Import from the original data file). The problem is every script step requires me to log in to the Data File again.

     Is there any way of bypassing the log in, or is the an alternative approach that avoids it?

     To summarise I want to start with

     Data File.fp7 with old table definitions and data

     Clone Data File.fp7 with new table definitions and no data

     and end up with Clone Data File.fp7 with new table definitions and all the data.

     Script controlled with as little user intervention as possible.