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Updating a related payments table

Question asked by mscogna on Apr 5, 2012
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Updating a related payments table


My question has two parts.  The first part being the most important.

1.)  I have a Members table with payment amount and payment due date.

When I process monthly billing, I want to write each of the found records to a payments table.

ie.  Found all records with billing date of 05/01/2012.  Create a new entry in Payments Table for

each member with the fields I want to store, ie.  Payment Amount, Date Paid, etc.

The Members Table is related to the Payments Table by MemberId ( I assume ).

Hope I explained that okay.

For the Bonus Prize:

2.)  In the screen for each member, I would like to have a layout I can go to via a button which shows

all the payment records for the member I am currently viewing.

Thanks in advance.