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    Updating a value list



      Updating a value list


      Hey Everyone, I have a problem with getting a value list to update when i update it's associated table. The value list is linked to the table named "formula line items". This table then looks up the information from the original "ingredient" table. Everything looks to be in order but for some reason the value list is not updating when new ingredients are added to the "ingredient" table. If anyone could help me out with where i might be going wrong it would be appreciated!   

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          Exactly what options did you specify when setting up this value list? (There are several possible causes depending on what options are specfied here.)

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            Here are the options i have selected for each of the parts.

            Value list

                 -"display data from" -->FormulaLineItems::Ingredients

                 -Use Values from Field:" --> FormulaLineItems::Ingredients


                 - auto-enter --> "looked up value" --> Ingredient::IngredientName

                 - Validation --> "Member of value list" --> "Ingredients"


                 - Validation --> not empty

            Hopefully this breakdown makes sense on the options that have been chosen for each part of my problem. 

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              If "display data from" is FormulaLineItems::ingredients, then picking a value from the value lists modifies a value in the ingredients table, not in the Formula Line Items table you mentioned in your first post. That would not appear to be what you need here.

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                I'm not sure what other options i have to use in the "display data from"...What would i use to make the value list display from the formula line items instead of the ingredient table?  

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                  Never mind, I misread your post. "Display from" looks to be specifying the correct table and field. (My brain somehow transposed the two table names when I read this.)

                  If you want a change in ingredients table to change the values listed in the value list, Use values from should list values from the ingredients table instead of from the Formula Line Items table.