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Updating an Auto-Enter Serial Number if Deleting Records?

Question asked by jdanniel on Dec 12, 2009
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Updating an Auto-Enter Serial Number if Deleting Records?



I'm brand new to File Maker 10 Advanced, and am running it on Windows 7 Home Premium.

May I please ask what I hope are two very basic and rudimentary questions?

My first File Maker 10 database is a very simple flat-file movie collection database.

The fields are as follows:

Index Number

These are the only fields I want or need.

I set the Index Number field to “Number” and have it set to auto-enter. I am using the Serial Number on Creation option.

The Next Value is 1, increment by 1.

Question # 1:


If I delete a record or records, does File Maker adjust the list so that the records are renumbered in chronological, sequential order? This is what I want, so if I am using the Auto-Enter feature incorrectly, please let me know, and could you tell me what to use instead?

My goal is to have File Maker Pro not have any gaps with the numbering. Is this possible? 

Question #2:

When I click the NEW RECORD button, the boxes where I enter data appear. These boxes are not solid...they are dotted. The problem is, if I click anywhere in the form outside of these boxes, the boxes vanish, and reappear only when I click my mouse.

Is there a way to change this so they appear on screen all the time? Also, can I change their look? Can I change the borders, for example, or even give the borders a different color? If this is possible, how do I do that?

Thank you very much for your assistance. 


(Please feel free to call me Jd.)