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    updating an existing database



      updating an existing database


      Hello, I am sort of new with Filemaker.  I am using Filemaker Pro 8.  The person that created our databases no longer works here and no one else in our small office knows too much about the program.  I am trying to figure out how to update our employee database.  I know how to add new staff and update information.  What I would like to do is update the existing fields.  For example, there are checkboxes for each year an employee was working with us, but they only go up to 2008.  Is there a way to add additional checkboxes?  What about adding another tab for different fields?  Thanks for any help!

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          Howdy julie,


          Sounds like an {interesting} design...checkboxes for each year...hmmm.


          Checkboxes are likely based on a value list.  Check under File>Define>Value Lists and see if there isn't a "Years" list.


          Or go into layout mode (under "View" menu on top) then double click the checkbox field...the pop-up should name the value list over on the top left.


          Go back to Define Value Lists, choose the right one, and add 2009, 2010 onto the end of the list (putting returns after each entry).


          This may squidge your layout a little bit, taking up room for the new choices, so you may have some visual repair to do on your layout.


          you may also want to set up a relationship with an FMP developer or get someone in your office trained a bit in FMP as well.  Relying on software is great...but dangerous if unsupported.

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            Amazing!  That was so easy!  Thanks!  What about how to add another tab?

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              Go back into layout mode, double click the tab object and a window will pop up for "Tab Control Setup".

              Type in the name of your new tab and click "Create".

              Adjust naming, order and size as you need.

              populate the new tab with the fields that you want on there.