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updating database automatically

Question asked by SwagathNavinManohar on Oct 27, 2011
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updating database automatically


Hello all,

I recently started learning filemaker pro 10.0v3 (2 hours!!) on Mac OS X 10.5.8.

Here s my scenario :)

I get mails every 4 hours from a remote measurement site with measurement values. The files are in *.csv format and the filenames are XX-2011-00001.csv and YY-2011-00001.csv. These are data of two instruments continuously running with different sampling intervals. The files are stored in local folders.

I want to develop a script that would read a file (example: XX-2011-00001.csv) and uploads the data in the database and after updating the database the .csv file should be moved to another folder for backup purposes.  After 4 hours the script should run again and now read the new file XX-2011-00002.csv and append this data in the database. I want to make this script run in an infinite loop, such that the script checks for new file and adds it to the database.

The file contains ‘Date’ ‘Time’ ‘value’ fields.

Can you please help me in telling the commands that i should look into for writing this script and if you have any examples I would be really thankful.
Thanks a lot for your help.