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    updating fields



      updating fields


           fm 12 advanced -  have two fields, pickup charges and delivery charges  which  need to be updated with charges as we get them  -   i need to form a list of all records that need charges, grouped by payees name  -  would also like to update fields from list instead of going to each individual record  -  i have done this for other updates by making another file transfering data into it useing "set field" then entering data in blank fields useing "set field" to transfer data back to original file  -  doing it this way i need to form relationships for each field  -  hope FM or someone might have an easier solution -  

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               You should not need to "use a relationship for each field" to use set field to update different fields.

               There are multiple options depending on what you need to do to update these fields and how your data is structured. Replace field contents can be used to update a given field for an entire group of records. In other cases, design changes to your database may reduce the need for this or the number of different fields to be updated.