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    Updating from standalong with data



      Updating from standalong with data


      I've developed a program, did a standalone on it and have entered lots of data in the standalone.  I have now updated the standalone and need to know how to update the part where I've entered data without disturbing the data. (Did you understand all that???)


      Can you help me with this?




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          Thank you for your post.


          I'm a little confused with your post.  Did you develop a standalone solution using FileMaker Pro Advanced?  Or, did you just create a program using FileMaker Pro?  If the latter, open the file, pull down the File menu and select "Save a Copy As..."   Then, give the file a new name, and at the bottom, next to "Type", select "clone (no records) ".  This creates an empty file.


          If you created a standalone solution, open the USR file using FileMaker Pro Advanced (or Pro) and follow the same steps above.



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            Thanks for your reply.  I'm sorry that I confused you....Here's what I've done.  I created a database in FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced and did a Runtime-Standalone on it.  I've been using the Standalone,and putting lots of data in it.  However, I've done some updating to the original database and need to know how to update the one that I've been putting data in without disturbing the data that I've entered. 


            I know you can import the information, but I seem to be having trouble importing the information that's in the portals. Sooo, I was hoping there was a way to add the updates without importing back to the newer database. (Boy, I think that even confused me)




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              You will want to import your data. Just remember that each portal is most likely pointing at a different table. You will need to import data into each table of your updated solution.


              To do this manually:

              Make sure that you have at least one layout in your system that refers to each table in your file. You don't actually need to have any fields on the layout, just make sure it lists the right table in Layout Setup...


              Go to each such layout in turn and select Import Records | File to import from your older copy into your newer copy.


              To do this in a script.


              Simply create one Import Records script step for each table in your file. Use the specify buttons to make sure you select the correct file, table and that you are correctly matching up fields and specifying any other import options that are needed.


              Note: If you have auto-entered serial numbers that function as primary keys (they're used to link to records in other tables), you may need to reset them as well unless you enable the auto-enter option when importing. (As this option enables ALL auto-enter actions, there are times when you can't use this option during import without triggering undesirable changes to your data.)