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Updating Layouts After User Selection Questions

Question asked by MorkAfur on Dec 4, 2012
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Updating Layouts After User Selection Questions


     I'm having two basic layout form problems:

     Problem 1:
     I have three tables:

     1. Projects

     2. Tasks

     3. Projects-Tasks (M:M resolver)

     In the relationships graph, see below, I have the expected joins constructed.

     In FMP on my "Projects-Tasks" layout, I want to have two drop downs where I can first select the Project and then have the Tasks Drop down automatically populated with the available tasks for that selected project.

     Since I've modeled this M:M relationship in the database, I was thinking FMP would handle this population automatically based on the foreign key relationship, but it's not working.


     Problem 2:

     I want to be able, on the "Tasks" layout, to select a Project in a drop down and then have all the task fields for that project update.

     I tried creating a script with GoToRelated record and other things like that, but didn't want to have to resort to manually changing each field with a SET FIELD.

     It appears that FMP isn't even storing the foreign key values in the related tables.


     These situations have always been confusing. It's possible the solution is so simple, I'm just not seeing it.

     Thanks to any suggestions and replies.

     - m