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Updating New Record Using Related Fields

Question asked by pademo57 on Mar 7, 2011
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Updating New Record Using Related Fields


We work a very bizarre shift schedule:

6 days on 4 days off, then 5 days on 5 days off.  To make matters worse, you start on "Day" shift then the next cycle you move to "Swing" or afternoon shift and finally the last cycle you move to is "Mids" midnight shift.


6 - 4 "Day"

5 - 5 "Swing"

6 - 4 "Mids"

5 - 5 "Day"

6 - 4 "Swing"  etc.

I have a database which have tables:

Employee - First Name, Last Name, etc

Shift - Day, Swing, Mids 

I'm trying to get the program to set up a schedule for us to follow including dates 

For example, I would work March 1-6 "Day", then March 11-15 "Swing", then March 20-23 "Mids"

I would like it to show the Employee name, Date, and Shift but I can't get the related info from the Shift file to work.  It keeps telling me there is an expected parameter missing.