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Updating one table from another table or...

Question asked by TimRaines on Sep 17, 2010
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Updating one table from another table or...


As I continue working on getting this DB functional, I have run into an issue I'm not sure how to handle. In my db (a copy of which is at the url below) I have a contacts table that contains site contacts and gatekeepers. This is a short list (will be 200ish) of employees that serve in that capacity. I will also be adding the rest of the contact information for the rest of the employee population (2500 employees) into the db so we have an offline copy of crucial contact information in the event we lose our data center. I will receive a full copy of this information nightly, probably in a delimited format.

It is important that the contacts db stays up-to-date and that we have access to all employee information.

Are the following options feasible, do they make sense, or is another option better.

* Option 1: Keep the "Contacts" table separate from an "All Employees" table. Build a script that imports the nightly employee information into the "All Employees" table, compare the records in the "Contact" table and in the "All Employees" table by Employee ID and copies the contact information over.

* Option 2: Import the nightly employee information into the "Contacts" table.

Possible Issues:

* The site contacts and gatekeepers are popup lists based on the "Contacts" table. Popup list length is an issue

Any insight into this is greatly appreciated!

The file can be found at: