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    Updating Summary field



      Updating Summary field


           I am working on a layout that has a portal showing records from a 'child' table.  On the layout, outside of the portal, I have a summary field that summarises the number values of the 'child' table.  This summary field updates fine as the records are entered within the portal, but if I change the quantities within the portal the summary field fails to update immediately.  I have to click out of the portal and move to another tab and back again before it updates.

           Does this ring a bell with anyone?


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               The click commits records and this is needed to get the summary field to update. It's normal but irritating behavior for a summary field used in this context. You can sometimes script the commit records from a script trigger on your field(s) where an edit will change the total shown or you can use a calculation field defined in the parent record that uses an aggregate function such as count or sum to compute and display the same value. In general the aggregate functions used in this context will update more smoothly than a summary field defined in the related table.

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                 Thanks PhilModJunk I've replaced the Summary field (based on the child table) with a calculation field within the parent table and it works fine.!