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Updating tables for new versions

Question asked by RonG on Jun 29, 2009
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Updating tables for new versions




First post.

I'm exploring the possibility of moving a large, mature Access application to FM.  I have lots and lots of questions about how to accomplish this, which I'm researching, but I'm also looking into specific capabilities.  So, here's question 1.


In my current application, I occasionally add new fields to tables or new tables to the database, which is shipped as an Access Runtime application.  When an update is downloaded and installed by the user, I have code in the program that looks at the software version number, which is stored in a table, and compares it to the version number for the update.  If the installed version is less than the update version, some code executes that allows the system to automatically add the desired fields or tables to the users installed application.  Is it possible to build that sort of capability into FileMaker?


Maybe a more general question as well, which would be the 100,000 foot level view of how updates are made to FileMaker systems that are distributed as the FM Runtime.   This may show up in reading the doc, but I thought I'd ask.


Thanks a lot for any assistance you can provide.