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Updating the Wrong Repetition

Question asked by BoydReilly on Jul 11, 2012
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Updating the Wrong Repetition


I have a table with 2 fields, amoung others, named Color and ColorChoice.  Both fields are text field types with 10 repetitions.  I have setup an edit box(s) with repetitions 1 through 10.  Next to it I have a dropdown set to data = Colors.  I have a values list with a choice of 5 colors.  After exiting the field box I have script capturing the repetition #:

SetVariable[$$OnRep; Value: Get (ActiveRepititionNumber)]

When the user clicks the dropdown choice of color the user will select the desired color.  I run this script after clicking thedropdown:

Set Field[ColorChoice($$OnRep), Color]

My problem is that it always fills in the ColorChoice field for repetiton 1 regardless of which one I'm on.

Any ideas?