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Updating very very old Filemaker database

Question asked by TroyGowen on Oct 11, 2010
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Updating very very old Filemaker database


While I have used FMP10 to do some nifty things in the past, I am an admitted novice with databases and am stumped over what may prove simple to experienced uses.

In the sports museum of which I am the archivist, we have had an interactive database in the galleries that allows visitors to call up the results of major tournaments.  The database is well over 10 years old, written with an antiquated predecessor to Filemaker, using an ancient Macromedia Director as the interface on a touchscreen monitor, and huffing along on a Macintosh G3 from circa 1998.

I have managed to export the data from the database and imported all the fields to a shiny new FMP10 database, and I would like to rebuild the database with a fresher interface on a newer computer and touchscreen before the diesel powered computer finally sputters to a halt.

Here's my challenge--I have figured out how to redesign the part of the database that allows users to call up the tournament name and then scroll through the winners (Ex: French Open/Men's Singles = winner/loser/score/year), but I cannot figure out how to allow the user to do a search by player.  What I need, it seems, is a way for users to select a letter leading to a list of alphabetized players from which the user can then select a specific player to scroll through the records of his or her wins.  That is, choosing the "A" button results in a list of all the A players, which can then be selected one at a time to scroll through the records for that player.

Admittedly, I am thoroughly confused and frustrated due to my ignorance.  The data from the old database seems to come from a single table, and I cannot figure out how to create a searchable list of players based on their last names.  Right now the data for player names is in 4 fields -- Winner1, Winner2, Loser1, and Loser2.  I have parsed out the Last names, but I still have two different sets of data for Winner1 and Winner2.

I have 4 tennis tournaments each year, each with 5 events I must cover (mens singles, womens singles, mens doubles, womens doubles, mixed doubles), resulting in 8 winners and 8 losers for each tournament each year.

I'd like to design it similar to how it runs now: Search by tournament/event, or search by player (alphabetically) to get the winners and losers (and scores) of the specific tournament events by year.

Seems as if it should be simple enough, but my brain is tied in knots over this trying to get the data fields from the old database to behave. 

Perhaps I need to design a new database from scratch? Any suggestions on simple strategies for designing this? Do I need multiple tables?  Does this involve portals? A point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.