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Updating, adding and displaying entries in Portal rows

Question asked by MfgMfg on May 18, 2014
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Updating, adding and displaying entries in Portal rows


     Hi, i'm new to filemaker but i know the solution to this question must be in this forum somewhere, still i couldn't find it after two days of searching, so excuse me asking this.

     I have three tables
     - artworks
     - exhibitions
     - contacts

     and a forth "join" table 
     - join
     with fields only for three foreign keys relating to the other tables (and a primary key).

     Artworks can be shown in many exhibitions, and sold by a contact (a gallery) to another contact (a collector).
     Exhibitions do have one or many artworks on display, and do have a contact (address etc.).

     I managed to display a single entry of Artworks in a Portal in the Exhibitions layout and the other way around, a single Exhibition in a portal in the Artworks layout, but i cannot figure out how to display related records automatically (e.g. select an exhibition title from a drop-down menu and then have the exhibition date and venue display automatically in that portal row - this acutally works sometimes but is not updating after changing in the drop-down menu)

     and i cannot figure out how to add a second row to this portal.


     Also, I have a suspicion that three tables is one to many to be linked to a join table? Any suggestions towards the general setup of this would be really appreciated. And i hope i'm not mixing up two completely different questions here.
     Thanks in advance!