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upgrade from 8 to 10, can't open data

Question asked by danw2002 on Oct 31, 2009
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upgrade from 8 to 10, can't open data


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upgraded from 8 to 10 on our main host machine, now it gives me the error, "'xxxxxxxx.fp7' is currently in use and cold not be opened. If the file is shared, you can use the open remote command to open the file on the network" have done all the checks, closing all other machines to make sure they are not useing the data base, but it should not matter, as i was just trying to open the data base as a user, like we have always been able to do up to now.

phone calls to filemaker have not helped, they want to shift me to the next level of help and charge us, ouch...any ideas gang?? I have not upgraded the other office machines yet and they can still access the data base. they are on v8.

Here is the basic set up. we have a windows xp pro machine that hosts the data on FMserver v8, then it has FMpro adv. v8, which i just upgraded to 10 pro adv., then the office has 4 macs, with FMpro 8 on them. thanks in advance gang.<!-- POLLS --><!-- FILES --><!-- SIGNATURE -->