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    Upgrade from 8.0v3 to 8.5v2 on my Mac



      Upgrade from 8.0v3 to 8.5v2 on my Mac




      The person I replaced never upgraded from 8.0.  I'm running 0S X  5.8 and 8.0 crashes my computer pretty darned often.  Today I finally got SOMEWHERE in the FileMaker Help/Support maze that said that the only versions supported for Leopard are 8.5 and later.


      I got through the updates to 8.0v2 and 8.0v3, but the info on 8.5v2 says I need to be running 8.5 to get to 8.5v2.


      I can't find ANY updates available on the website to get me along this path.


      What are they and where do I find them?