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Upgrade from Filemaker 5 to FM 12

Question asked by FilmUser on Aug 28, 2013
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Upgrade from Filemaker 5 to FM 12


     I am contracting with a company who is about to upgrade from FM5 (don't laugh) to 12.

     There are 5 main "sub company" Databases, each related to 2 other databases, which, in turn relate to master "feeder" databases. All are hosted with FM Server 5.

     I know from testing that these individual data bases open nicely into FM11 (a necessary step to 12, if I read the FMP site correctly), which is our plan.

     The question is about how much to do in 11, before going to 12:

  •           Open each in 11, save a clone, and import all records from 5, one base at a time.
  •           Open all in 11, set up the relationships in 11, verify performance, then open the final FM11 solution in 12.
  •           Some other intermediate strategy.

     Thanks in advance.