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URGENT HELP!!! Lost FMP database changes!

Question asked by enyko on May 9, 2013
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URGENT HELP!!! Lost FMP database changes!


     Please help!


     We primarily run FMP via IWP when working remotely. We have a dedicated host machine here in the office that is only used to have the FMP database open and we remotely login either from our LAN or remotely using IWP. Every once in a while we close the database to allow it to sync up to our dropbox for backup. When I went to do that this morning, I noticed the database on the host machine wasn't syncing. The database simply closed and reacted as if there were no changes made. The modified date of the database file was 4/28/13 and we clearly made changes since then. Many changes. I scrambled looking at the dropbox folder online and it also reflects that this is the most recent file. I then opened up my laptop computer which I used last night a consultation. I see that the file is still open that shows the new entries I made last night. I quickly tried to do a screen grab to save any info but FMP quickly told me that "Communication with the host was interrupted...etc." I still haven't closed that screen though just in case there is a way to keep my updates.


     I'm very confused as to what could have happened and where the data is. This last week, everyone in my office was making changes to the database which we were all able to see and work off of. So it must exist somewhere. Right? But when I open the host file, the most recent change is from 4/28.


     Any thoughts? Please help!