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    URGENT HELP!!! Lost FMP database changes!



      URGENT HELP!!! Lost FMP database changes!


           Please help!


           We primarily run FMP via IWP when working remotely. We have a dedicated host machine here in the office that is only used to have the FMP database open and we remotely login either from our LAN or remotely using IWP. Every once in a while we close the database to allow it to sync up to our dropbox for backup. When I went to do that this morning, I noticed the database on the host machine wasn't syncing. The database simply closed and reacted as if there were no changes made. The modified date of the database file was 4/28/13 and we clearly made changes since then. Many changes. I scrambled looking at the dropbox folder online and it also reflects that this is the most recent file. I then opened up my laptop computer which I used last night a consultation. I see that the file is still open that shows the new entries I made last night. I quickly tried to do a screen grab to save any info but FMP quickly told me that "Communication with the host was interrupted...etc." I still haven't closed that screen though just in case there is a way to keep my updates.


           I'm very confused as to what could have happened and where the data is. This last week, everyone in my office was making changes to the database which we were all able to see and work off of. So it must exist somewhere. Right? But when I open the host file, the most recent change is from 4/28.


           Any thoughts? Please help!

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               Others on this forum will be more help than me but I'll bump your thread by asking what version of FMP are you running? Are you running FM Server and/or Server Advanced on the host computer?  How many users do you have connected at any given time?  Are you using Macs or PCs?

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                 All computers are Mac 10.8 running FMP Advanced 12. 1 host computer, 3 remote computers. 



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                   So the host computer is not running Filemaker Server?  Just Filemaker with Sharing enabled over your network?  Was the missing data entered using IWP or by opening remotely?

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                     Yes, we don't have Server. We have been running like this for a year I'd say with no problems. Some of the data we enter is from our LAN computer when we access the host computer within the same network by opening the database remotely and finding "Local Host". Other times when I'm at a coffee shop, I enter the information via IWP. And sometimes also when I'm at a coffee shop, I enter the information remotely through the FMP app.

                     This has always worked and all the changes have always saved fine. For months and months and months. It just seems that since 4/28, all of the changes / updates have not been being saved. Even though everytime we login we can see the changes?

                     I'm perplexed. 

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                       Since you are closing the file to back it up, I think that it is more likely that your working file was replaced somehow by the 4/28 back up copy while it was closed. If your most recent back up copy is dated 4/28, Data entered since then may be gone for good. crying

                       If you script a backup script in FileMaker using Save A Copy As... You can save a copy to specified location--even on a different location on your network or a drop box folder without having to close the file.

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                         Have you tried searching your host computer to make sure there isn't a duplicate copy of the database file hiding somewhere?  Do any of the client computer have a copy of the database saved locally that maybe somebody opened and entered data into by mistake?  Are you able to access the database remotely now?  Are changes made to the database now being saved?  Has your IP address or any other network configuration changed recently? 

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                           Ok, here is some news.

                           I was just informed that Comcast was at our office this morning to check our cable line. They replaced our modem. Which clearly made all of our computers go offline. But if I understand FMP correctly, this should really matter right? Once changes are made, they should be saved right away. If the file gets closed or disconnected from the Internet, it should be saved as of today. Right?

                           To answer the other question, yes, we have been running smoothly as usual today. We fired up FMP on the host computer as always and we logged in remotely via LAN on our office computers and I logged in via IWP from a coffee shop. I've now come back to the office and see that the host computer accurately has all the updates we've done today. The modified timestamp is correct. I even closed the file to let it sync to dropbox with no problems. I've re-opened it and all looks good. Aside from the lost data from 4/28-today of course.

                           We have searched all computers to find that there are no other files with the same name we could have been editing all along.

                           The one minor thing I just noticed which may be inconsequential is that the actual file name is "-client database.fmp12" (all lowercase) while when opened on the host computer, it's "Client Database". And opening remotely on client computers it's also lowercase.

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                             You should always use Open Remote..., even when opening on the Host Computer.  Direct Open on the Host Computer is not recommended.   Plus if you Quit FMP on the Host computer, you lose the shared connection.  If someone did a Direct Open on the Host while you were sipping coffee, that might be the data loss reason.

                             I don't know where your DropBox is located, but I hope it is on another computer vs Host.

                             You might try iCloud [25GB free] backup which is like Mail, the Apple Server is in action continuously or perhaps Time Machine[every hour], since I see you are MacOS. 

                             HOSTing has no Time Out option per se.  Loss of telecommunications can result in loss of record data if a record is open.  FMP saves records based on preferences and i believe Flushing Cache, but only on Committed Records.

                             It is kinda like a Cell phone conversation and your phone rings from the person you thought you were lecturing for the last 5 minutessurprise.  All the great advise you gave him was lost, with the Cell drop out.


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                               Is your file in a dropbox folder?

                               Do other people use the dropbox file?

                               If two people open the file that's in a dropbox folder the last one to close his file might overwrite the other's changes.

                               You can "revert" a dropbox file to a previous version. Maybe at some point your file got overritten and you migh have to revert to a version before that.

                               But then you will still lose your later changes.

                               Anyway, make sure you make a copy of your file before you start messing around with that.

                               On the dropbox website you can see all previous versions of a file.

                               But all of that is only valid if your file is actually located in a dropbox folder.

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                                 Good Point DaSaint! The previous versions feature in Drop Box has saved me considerable time and effort when I saved a (not FileMaker) file with the same name to my drop box by mistake and needed to see the file thus overwritten.

                                 @Jim, I'm not sure you understand how drop box works. A drop box folder exists on every computer that shares that account. Any file added to it and any file deleted from it are automatically uploaded to a cloud type server and downloaded to the other machines to "synch" the folder. I wouldn't keep the working copy for a hosted database in that folder, but using moving backup copies to that folder shouldn't be a problem.

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                                   @Phil You were right about my Dropbox knowledge.  It is like iCloud[using iPhone, iEtc now] or iDisk of Mac 10yrs ago.  I have Dropbox for this forum only.wink  I was wondering how my iPhone stuff ended up in the Dropbox and iCloud, LOL.


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                                     File Naming Conventions would frown at naming a database file "-client database.fp7"
                                     That type of name would Almost never cause problem, mix IWP and browser interaction, the interactions increase risk.

                                     Your database should be named and show that exact name in any app that opens it.