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Urgent: Upgraded router and cannot access database (Please Help)

Question asked by brivers on Feb 10, 2009
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Urgent: Upgraded router and cannot access database (Please Help)


I went to a client yesterday who uses FileMaker Pro 6 and Server 5.5.


Needless to say, about 90% of their things are outdated. Their network went down the other day, so I bought a new router for them.


Their old router was a Linksys BEFSR41. I upgraded them to aLinksys Wireless G WRT54GS.


After I left, I got a call that they could not access the server when they go to select a host... the options are blank. No files show, no destination, etc.


So I read up on the boards a bit, and saw the port needed to be allowed. So I went into the router and did the following:


Applications & Gaming > Port Range Forward > 5003 > Enable > Save Settings


Still, does not work. I rebooted the servers, and still nothing works.




All the PCs use Windows XP Pro, and the servers (very outdated) uses Windows Server 2000. It was fine before the new router, so if someone can rule out other factors and say "it's a port issue", that would make me feel better.


Then I can check if I did something wrong and can fix easily.