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    Url from container field



      Url from container field



      I have a problem with my calculation.

      In a container I got a image saved as referance and I want to extract the full URL


      Using a calculation I get the full information of what the image is containing.


      cUrl = "GetAsText ( Image2 )" 


      Then I want to extract only the full url

      so I use following calc


      cReferanceUrl =

      Right(calcUrl;Length(cUrl) - Position(cUrl;"image";cUrl;-1))


      the statement I get is "magewin:/C:/Documents and Settings/username/desktop/31.jpg" but i want image 


      To fix the problem I add another Calc


      cReplaceUrl = 

      Replace( calcReferanceurl ;1 ;4 ; "image" ) 


      So in fact everyting work but I would prefer the to solve the problem without the last calculation.