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    URL Path to pdf file on server



      URL Path to pdf file on server


      Good morning all,


      I'm working on a database that opens a file on our network via "Open URL" script step.


      I'm having a lot of trouble getting this step to work on our Macs and I wonder if it is my lack of knowledge in Mac server pathnames.


      I am currently using this path for Mac:

      file:///volumes/serverfile/folder1/subfolder1/subfolder2/subfolder3/file name.pdf


      Am I missing something obvious here?


      Thanks for your assistance!

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          Hi there Ninja


          Might be the space in any part of the path, replace spaces with '%20' and see if that works.


          Another tip would be, from your web browser, navigate to the file you are trying to open and see what the URL is, and compare to yours.

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            Thanks Orlando,


            I tried:

            1. path name from the "GetInfo" feature.  "Where" was /Volumes/ABCDOM;ABC-FL01/Type/myfile.pdf


            The "Open URL" command on that pathname routed me to Math.com for the formula to calculate volumes.


            2. Starting with file:///Volumes/...

            with file://volumes

            with file:/volumes

            all sent me to the internet with a file not found error.


            3. renamed the entire path to remove all spaces (actually created a new file on the server) then tried to open that one.   Same results as above.


            Can FMP8.0 open a pdf file on the server?  With a mac?  I still assume I'm missing something simple...any help would be appreciated.