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    Usage Report



      Usage Report


           I need to print a usage report for a customer showing them how many of each part number they have purchased through us during a given time period. I have created about 20 different subsummary reports and followed all the instructions I've been able to find online; none of them are producing the information I need. The closest I can get is a report that produces a list of each time an item was purchased, and the qty purchased (sorted by part numebr), but the total of the qty purchased only yields the qty in the LAST order. The tables are linked. The report in based on the Line Item table.

           Any hints on what else I can try?


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                 The :: in front of the field name for TotalOrdered indicates that TotalOrdered is defined in a table that is linked in a relationship to the table on which your layout is based. When you reference a summary field from a related table, the total computed is from the set of related records in the related table, not the found set of records shown in your report. In order for TotalOrdered to show the correct totals, your layout should be based on the same table as that which defines TotalOrdered.

                 If that is not enough to get this working for you please describe the tables that contain the data you need to reference for this report and the relationships that link them.

                 You may also find this tutorial on summary reports helpful: Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial