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Use another portal or create a new record from the portal

Question asked by JohhnyHilly on Jan 31, 2013
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Use another portal or create a new record from the portal


     Can I get some opinions on what option would be best to do the following:

     I currently have a layout based on Oil Samples where a Batch ID is created with the new record. In this layout there is a portal linked to Oil Sample Data. In this portal I enter information on multiple oil samples (e.g. running hours) each with their own Sample No. (ID number). These samples will be tested and analysed and after say one week I will get the results such as iron content, if water is present etc. I would then like to add this information onto the record of each individual oil sample. Here are my options:

     1. Duplicate the Oil Sample layout and in the portal remove the fields I don't want and replace them with fields with the oil sample analysis information. So keep the Sample No. ID and change the rest of the fields.

     2. Create a new record from the portal. So clicking on the individual oil samples would create a new record where the Sample No. ID number is now the Record ID (hope I'm not getting those 2 confused) and then I can add the analysis information to this new record/layout.

     I know option one is much simpler and keeps the records together, but if it's possible I would prefer option 2 (or something alone this lines) as I have a feeling that having 15 rows in the portal, selecting the correct row/sample to add the additional information may be difficult as I'm sure mistakes will be made with the data entry. I would prefer to be able to click on the portal row/Sample No. ID which would bring up a dialog box saying "Are you sure you want to enter information into Sample No. AA2345435?" etc.

     Any thoughts and opinons would be appreciated and if there is another option I am missing I would love to hear it.